Pronouncing India

Pronouncing India provides general information about India for people who are serious about working with India. Pronouncing India contains carefully picked information about India, how it is spelled in Devanagari and in a romanized spelling (IAST; International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration) and on top of that provides the sound as spoken in India.

Beside the general information about India, this application can be extended with a Hindi phrasebook and a mini Hindi dictionary.

This app provides:

  • a large list of typical pieces of information about India
  • basic Hindi phrases
  • basic Hindi vocabulary
  • pronunciation audio for the items of India
  • Hindi pronunciation for all phrases and vocabulary
  • lists of expected answers for certain phrases
  • lists of expected questions (stimuli) for certain phrases
  • related items, such as synonyms, antonyms, root words (for verbs and other), example phrases for certain words
  • additional information for phrases and vocabulary (grammatical notes, explanation, images)
  • keeping of the items (India, phrases, words) that you like most/are important to you
  • searching India- and phrase- items

Extension Packages
Hindi Phrasebook)
Hindi Phrasebook for Pronouncing India is the data package for the app Pronouncing India. It provides more than 150 extra Hindi phrases plus their pronunciation which cover a broad range of use cases.

Hindi Culture Dictionary)
Hindi Culture Dictionary for Pronouncing India provides over 1000 interesting Hindi vocabulary including its pronunciations, plus explanations and images. It enables the dictionary feature and the access via categorization inside the Pronouncing India app.

The vocabulary was carefully picked with words that are very common or otherwise important in relation to the culture of India. Many of the countless vocabulary were deliberately ignored. This set of vocabulary allows you to understand and connect to India better. Less is more.

Try It Out
Download it now on Google Play or through scanning the QR codes:

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QR Code: Pronouncing India

QR Code: Hindi Phrasebook
QR Code: Hindi Phrasebook

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QR Code: Hindi Mini Dictionary

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