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Keeworld was created and is operated by Saora Inc. in Japan.
It’s purpose is to provide its users with a unique, pleasurable experience to do and access whatever they need when using their Android devices. Some notable features of Keeworld include:

  • Instant access your apps and live folders,
  • Instant access to your social life like Contacts, Chat, SMS, and more,
  • Instant access to your media, including images, videos and music,
  • A unique, clean and new way to access, view, and use all the above items through ‘pocketins and ribbons’,
  • A clean, non-cluttered interface so you can view only what you want and not lots of space-taking icons,
  • And more…

The Keeworld home app can be customized with lots of different themes.
Furthermore, the Keeworld home app is provided in three different flavors: Classic, ★ (Star) and RonPaul.

A Flavor serves as the base, a theme will be applied to such a flavor. All themes are compatible with all flavors.

You can get keeworld on your Android by searching in the Google Android Market for ‘keeworld’, following this link (if you are currently viewing this page on Android), or by using the following QR code.
keeworld QR code

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Need help? Head to our how-to or support page.

To learn about how to use keeworld, please see our how-to page. To learn how to get keeworld, please see the app’s page.

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  8. Saora says:

    Yes, this is custom made.

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