Keepoint is an information sharing service for the web community. It allows users from anywhere in the world to save web pages, create and upload documents, images, text data, messages and other information, share it with other users. Users can also access the information uploaded by other users and communicate with them using the secure messaging service provided within Keepoint. This service can be used from the personal computers or from mobile phones, thereby giving the users a seamless experience regardless of the device they may use for accessing the global network.

Keepoint Screenshot

The web has become an unbounded jungle. If you find any leaf, twig, flower or fruit that you would like to come back to, or share it with you friends, Keep It here! Keepoint is an information atelier where you can work on any piece, any format of information, create your own text, upload any type of files and bring any web pages, as your leaves and arrange them as twigs according to the topics, branch out stuff and what is more, designate it as hidden or viewable by other users, as you like. Nurture your own tree of selected leaves or browse through the forest people are creating here of their selected leaves. Happy Keeping!


For feedback or questions please go to our support page.

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