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Japanese Conversation gives you a rich list of phrases used in daily Japanese. Learn how to talk real Japanese, learn it by using it. The phrases and words were carefully picked, categorized and grouped, in order to allow having simple conversations with a Japanese (speaking) person.

This app contains:

  • a large list of phrases and words
  • sound tracks for each phrase and word (might be helpful for JLPT listening exercises)
  • expected answer list for certain phrases
  • expected question (stimuli) list for certain answers/phrases
  • additional information for certain phrases (explanation and/or images)
  • keeping of the phrases that are most important for you
  • searching of the phrases/words
  • check your own pronunciation
Phrase List
★ Full
  • Introduction 63
  • Basic Expression 167
  • Emergency 33
  • Plus over 250 useful phrases and over 400 handy words!

★ Lite

  • Introduction 16
  • Basic Expression 78
  • Emergency 17
  • Plus over 150 handy words.
Download the demo version or purchase the full version at the Google Play Store and be able to access over 900 phrases/words, including audio and other useful information.

Or scan the QR Code:

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