About Saora

Saora is an information management products and services company headquartered in Japan. Saora was founded in July, 1999 to create an environment where individuals get together to to convert their dreams into reality through their incessant commitment to ‘making things happen’. By originating our operations from Japan, we intend to bring the Japanese art of “perfect productization” to the engineering in software development. software, because we believe that software, the intangible part of any product or service, ultimately determines the quality and character of the products, the tangible, that reach the user. By locating ourselves in Japan, the exemplary nation of perfect productization, we intend to realize the art in software development. Having created a truly multilingual, and multicultural work environment, right in the heart of so-called “homogeneous” Japan, Saora is unique in the richness of its linguistic and cultural assets.
For more information on Saora, please visit www.saora.com.

  • http://www.saora.co.jp/
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